Cranford New Jersey’s Cafe Paris

Café ParisCafe Paris
Ah, to be in Paris!  At a petite bistro, enjoying the fabulous tastes of France, beneath the light of the Eiffel Tower!  Well, don’t we all deserve that?  The kids don’t REALLY need to go to college, right?  So let’s break into their college funds and book our trip right now!

OK, so maybe that’s not too realistic for most of us.  And the rest of us may not be willing to forego their standing in the “Parent of the Year” contest.  But we can stay local to tickle our cultural tastebuds, and get the same romantic feel.

Café Paris, at 106 Walnut Avenue in downtown Cranford, can deliver the romantic atmosphere and French food that can, at least for a short time, transport us to the Parisienne café of our dreams.  This adorable little place  is actually one of two restaurants owned by the same family.  Marie-Therese Fuller, who is, herself, from France, enjoys bringing the tastes of her upbringing to NJ patrons alongside her daughters, Laetitia and Clara.

For those of us who wish we could be at the real deal across the big pond, The Café Paris is a delightful and realistic alternative.  The walls are adorned with lovely French landscapes and scenes, including , of course, the Eiffel Tower. Pleasant French music plays constantly.  The  extensive menu features a great many varieties of, among many other things, crepes, soups,  and galettes.  Not looking for a full meal?  How about a dessert crepe and coffee?   It’s the perfect way to spend a night, particularly with lit candles on the tables to heighten the authenticity of the French atmosphere.  And it won’t cost you anything in plane fare.

So if you’re looking for something different from the “same old same old,” don your beret, pencil in a moustache, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of France right here in Cranford!

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