Cesar-Kai Academy Kung Fu Camp in Cranford, NJ

Cesar Kai Academy

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer?  Sports camps are great, but the outdoor ones can be brutal if the weather is oppressively hot.  Overnight camps might be more than you were looking for.  Yu certainly don’t want them hanging around I the house all summer.  What to do, what to do?

Well, how about Kung Fu Camp? Cesar-Kai Academy at 777 Walnut Avenue in Cranford offers a great day camp during the summer.  Check out their website at http://www.cesarkaikarate.com/classes.php .  Even if your child has never tried martial art before, this may be a great option for them.  They offer 8 week of day camp, with both daily and weekly options.

Kids learn powerful life skills like discipline, respect, focus and more. And they learn these skills in a positive, supportive environment. And of course… kids have a TON of fun too! Every day is full of games, learning, and activities that has them smiling from ear to ear. Call us now for more info and to sign your child (or children!) up today!

Children will learn striking and blocking, defensive skills, stranger awareness, safe sparring, how to never get bullied without ever throwing a punch, and how to try talking things out before things escalate.   In addition, they will also gain valuable life skills, such as making eye contact, using proper manners, and following directions the first time they are given.  And they learn all f these things in a positive, friendly, air-conditioned environment, while having a ton of fun, in game and fun-oriented format!

Cesar-Kai Academy is a Martial Arts Academy dedicated to developing the vital learning, leadership and life skills our students need to succeed. The classes teach character development every bit as much as martial arts skills.  The professional staff at our Cranford facility exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding instructor and mentor to students of all ages.  The school was founded by Sensei Mario Cesario, who began his training at the age of 12 and instantly fell in love with martial arts.. He became an assistant instructor, then a third-degree blackbelt, competed in tournaments, and taught martial arts throughout New Jersey, before settling in and opening his school here in Cranford.

Consider this as an option for your kids.  Teach them to be safe, teach them to be better people, and offer them a fun-filled summer!

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