A Toute Heure Restaurant in Cranford NJ

A Toute Heure

Have you tried A Toute Heure yet?  Literally translated, it means “at any hour,” and it really is a great place to go at any time.  You can always depend on attentive service, engaging atmosphere, and delicious food!

 A Toute Heure is an exceedingly charming bistro located in the Centennial Village section of Cranford, at232 Centennial Avenue.  Patrons are drawn to their “from farm to table” ideal.  They use the freshest ingredients from local farms and markets, and their menu always features the best ingredients the season has to offer. You can enjoy lunch or dinner in the charming dining room, or, in nicer weather, at the al fresco tables, and be sure to BYOB.  Since it opened in 2007, this small bistro, run by Andrea & Jim Carbine has not only made a strong connection to local farmers and artisans, but also to their many repeat patrons. And the place is always PACKED, (always a good sign), thanks to great food and great, friendly service. Talented Executive Chef Kara Decker prepares wonderful dishes with the flavors of local produce, meats, and seafood. Pastry Chef Jessica Knik works with the sweet side of the menu. And A Toute Heure received Edible Jersey magazine’s 2008 “Local Hero” award for restaurants.  Well deserved!  This is a great little place, with a cozy, charming astmosphere, and delicious food.  Give it a try “a toute heure” that you can!

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